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Coco-Cola Company branding

Do you have a question in mind what is branding? Is it really help my business to grow exponentially? The answer is yes. Think about any product. which brand comes first in your mind related to that product? Do you know why that brand comes in your mind! Because they market their product very effectively. Let’s see more about company branding and some strategies.

What is Company Branding?

Company branding refers to peoples speaking about the name or logo of your company. It is very important to brand your company name or logo rather than the services provided by your company. When someone speaks about your company that means they are connected with your product or service by emotionally or psychologically.

For building a brand you need a unique and attractive name that specifies the services provided by your business. After finalization of the brand name now you required the logo for your company. The logo must be attractive and eye-catching. The next step is to establish a brand mission statement. This statement shows what the goal towards the customers was. Determine the brand audience whom you are targeting.

Branding Strategy for business.

Organic promotion of your company is the best way of branding. If the people emotionally attach with your product or service they promote your brand by themselves. If you just show your ad to the customer they are not interested in who you are they are interested in how you make them feel. Just take the example of Samsung ad where they provide the service to the top of the hill to the blind girl.

The people emotionally attach with the ad and they share with each other and make that ad viral. In that month the sales of Samsung will drastically increase. This happens because the user emotionally attached to the ad. Extreme felling is a seed of recall value. People’s social response to an emotional story like the above Samsung ad.

Study consumer behavior according to location, age, gender, etc. Attention seeking potential is very important in your ad. If the starting of your ad is not attractive no one sees your ad. Another way is the route of social proof. Hear the peoples talk about the product in that everyone knows it. Call for action with beautiful jingle is the best way to connect with your customer, for example, “Mango Frooti fresh and juicy”. In the above example, there is a jingle and hidden call for action. When people jingle this tune they remember the product related to it.

Social Media Platforms for Brand Awareness

Most of the big company uses social media platforms for brand awareness. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Youtube will help you to reach more peoples and get more engagement on it. The key to getting more engagement on these platforms is consistency with relevant information. Lets s see a great example of consistency with Nike. on their social media platforms, all the elements are consistent even with their content.

Nike company branding on Instagram
Nike company branding on Facebook page
Nike company branding on tweeter

Consistency contributes to brand recognition, and eventually customer loyalty. Just see the photos uploaded in the Nike Instagram profile. All media shows its brand recognization or related field. If you want your brand recognized for decades within peoples you must have consistent and creative.

If you are planning to boost your brand through social media marketing you can definitely think about us. We MasterApp Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will help you to brand your business Identity. We brand your business organically and where people engage, involved, and partner with it. For more information please contact us. We will always help you to give the best suggestion for your business.

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