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Currently around 500K+ jobs available in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Training in Amravati, We provide one of the best industry level training in Amravati.  We offer a 90 days (180 hours) of class room training with a practical approach. Our best team of young experts will handhold every single student to reach a specified goal. Join our team and experience a difference. 

Some of our specialties are:

We cover following 20 Modules of Digital Marketing Training in Amravati

Overview of Marketing | Marketing Fundamentals​

Principles and fundamentals of marketing are covered in this module to build a strong base. This module will help students to achieve success in any industry weather product or service.

Duration: 2 hours

Introduction of Digital Marketing and benefits over Traditional Marketing

This module is dedicated to the introduction of digital marketing. We will learn how Digital Marketing is different and has more Return on Investment than Traditional Marketing.

Duration: 2 hours

Website Planning and Development | WordPress

This includes requirements gathering, strategy planning and development of a website using WordPress.

Duration: 20 hours

Graphics Design | Basics of Photoshop

In digital marketing, graphical contents play a very important role. Thus this module is very important that covers the basics of Photoshop, image creation and editing software.

Duration: 20 hours

Content Marketing

We believe in Digital Marketing Content is the king. Thus you will learn content marketing strategy to promote a brand.

Duration: 20 hours

Search Engine Optimization

Creating a website is good enough but ranking it on the first page of google is extremely to drive traffic. For the purpose SEO is vital. This module covers two main concepts of SEO i.e On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Duration: 20 hours

Social Media Optimization

This module covers optimizing your contents for each social media platform. This is important because each platform has its uniqueness. Thus we will optimize our contents according to a platform

Duration: 20 hours

Social Media Marketing

Nothing comes for free, thus paid advertising is really worth it. This dedicated module helps understand the concepts of Social Media Marketing in detail. These include popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Duration: 10 hours

Social Media & Marketing Automation

It is a really difficult task to manage each social media platform manually. Thus we need to understand some automated tools that will make your work easy.

Duration: 10 hours

Video Marketing (YouTube)

Video contents generates engagements and user attraction. Thus videos are the soul of marketing. This module covers all details of publishing a video to all public platforms including YouTube.

Duration: 10 hours

Email Marketing (MailChimp)

In today's era of communication, a professional email has a great impact on potential customers. We do drive traffic to our websites from new offers and coupons. This module covers from creating a personalized and professional email to delivering to customers.

Duration: 10 hours

Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense

Earning money from a website or a blog is the way that drives more attention. This includes earning via Google AdSense and Affiliate commissions from shopping websites. We have tried to cover each aspects of both in this module.

Duration: 10 hours

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the personalities having a great impact on the public. Thus products or services recommended by them have a high chance of being sold. We will cover detailed aspects of Influencer Marketing in this Module

Duration: 10 hours

Search Engine Marketing: PPC - Paid Advertising

Having presence on the first page of google at first positions really matters. It can be achieved with the help of Google Paid Advertising. We will learn how to create and launch our paid advertising campaign.

Duration: 10 hours

Online Display Advertising using Google AdWords

We can extend our presence by displaying our advert on any third party website using Google AdSense. It comes under Online Display Advertising. We will cover this under this module.

Duration: 10 hours

Webmaster Tools : Google Analytics

To analyze the traffic on our website and track the site’s performance we need to use, dedicated tool Google Analytics. We will understand how the user is interacting with our using this tool

Duration: 10 hours

Leads Generation & Re Marketing Strategies

Any business offering services online needs to generate leads. This will need a proper strategy and remarketing planning. Thus it is an extremely important mobile in case you are running a business.

Duration: 10 hours

App Store Optimization

This module consists of optimizing your application for app stores. It includes Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It includes techniques that will be helpful to rank your application on top of these stores.

Duration: 10 hours

Online Reputation Management

To build your presence and brand online. You need to follow specific strategy while designing your contents. We will cover all the steps involved in managing your reputation online

Duration: 10 hours

Case Studies

With each module we will have a case study. This will help you to practically implement each and every module yourself. Case studies included are directly from the live projects

Duration: 10 hours

50+ Digital Marketing Tools You Learn

Digital marketing tools

In modern world of Digital Marketing, It is really a tough task to be present every social platform at once. Whether you are creating contents or analyzing the results, you will need help of online and offline tools. In the overall duration of 180 hours you will make your hands dirty with these 50+ Digital Marketing tools. Using all these tools you will master Digital Marketing like a Pro. We teach all these tools in our digital marketing services in Amravati. These tools  includes from following categories.

Benefits of Getting Digital Marketing Certified

  • Learn from the Experts:

Using our knowledge of expertise, you will be getting ready to face new challenges and overcome any difficulties. We will get you to the tour of the emerging field of Digital Marketing with lifetime hand holding support.

  • Great Opportunities:

Its not only about getting hired. You can explore the unlimited opportunities available as a Digital Marketer. We will also outsource projects to our former students having great skills. Thus you can work as a freelancer.

  • Get Ready for Job:

Crucial requirement of any company is to hire a person who can deliver quality results in desired time. At MasterApp Technologies, our goal is to train you at expert level. This will prepare you to apply for jobs immediately.

  • Build your personal brand online:

Not only as a job or freelancer you can also build your personal brand online using digital marketing. This will help you to influence peoples and be a affiliate marketer to earn extra income.

The upcoming future is of digital marketing. If you want to be the part of digital era, you must learn digital marketing. Today most popular brands like Amazon, Flipkart, P&G uses digital marketing.   

If you want work with these brand digital marketing is the best option. We also recommended our student to get more skills like website designing that increases your chance to get a job.